A blurred photo of the university campus showcasing the nursing building, rotunda and the beautiful green grade in between the sidewalks

Southwestern Adventist University Moves to the Cloud with Ellucian

Shot of the Chan Shun Centennial Library taken from a left angle with the sun peaking out from behind a tree in the foreground

Equity, Education, and the American Dream

Heather Chirinos poses in the Nursing SIM Lab wearing her SWAU scrubs and a stethoscope

What it Means to Be A Knight - Nursing

Armando Miranda, Jr. Shares His SWAU Journey

SWAU Hosts Graduation for Class of 2021

Sean Aqui poses outside in graduation cap and gown.

Young Alum Matched to Ivy League Residency Program

Headshot of Samantha-Lee against a wood background in a black and white striped shirt and a green cardigan

A Living Example

A female student wears a stethoscope as she leans forward to listen to the heartbeat of her peer.

Why We’re Here

Deanna poses with trees and buildings in the background

Missions in the Midst of A Storm

Female student in overalls and a black shirt with a Southwestern Adventist University mask examines dinosaur bone

Examining the Past for the Future