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Looking for a degree that offers versatility,
financial viability and industry credibility? A
business degree will help you start a career in
various industries, which is a huge asset
when seeking a job after graduation. 


Teaching is a profession that is both
personally and professionally rewarding.  
Imagine the sheer joy of opening up the 
vast world of knowledge to your students.  



A fulfilling career with opportunities to touch
people’s lives and help them navigate through
life comes with a degree in psychology.  
The training you receive is highly
valued in today’s workforce. 

Christian Studies Programs

Is God calling you to serve Him
through pastoral ministry?  
SWAUonline is ideal for you
to continue working
while earning your degree. 

RN to BS in Nursing

Our RN to BS in Nursing program
is designed for RNs who want to
grow their expertise and meet today’s
industry standards. Nurses with bachelor’s
degrees have a competitive advantage!

General Studies

Do you need a degree – but are
unsure of what field to enter?  
General Studies is an excellent major
for you to boost your resume while
developing in-demand skills in
writing, critical thinking, and communication.

Criminal Justice

Looking for a career in a high
demand field with job security?
If you have strengths in leadership,
perceptiveness, communication,
sound judgement, and empathy –
this is the career path for you.



Individuals with degrees in history have had
lots of training in how to think clearly and then
to clarify those thoughts in writing.

Graduate Programs


With an M.Ed., you will
gain a broader perspective
that will include management
and strategy. 

About SWAU Online 

SWAU Online provides a Christ-centered, flexible, online education at an affordable price.  



Online students will be able through social media to take advantage of our worship services. Spiritual guidance will be accessible through the Spiritual Life and Development Office.



Recognizing that individuals who are pursuing an online degree seek a more affordable education option, Southwestern Adventist University is offering a 50% discount off our on-campus tuition for fully online students. The RN to BS nursing program is being offered at $7,500, making it one of the most affordable programs of its kind.

You can click here to learn more about tuition and fees.



SWAU Online provides flexible options so you can complete your program at your own pace. 



Online academic support will be provided by the Write Spot for all your writing needs, the Center for Academic Success and Advising (CASA) provides academic coaching and career counseling, and spiritual guidance is accessible through the Spiritual Life and Development Office.



A Place For You

Are you a recent graduate?

Maybe your family needs you and leaving home isn’t an option right now.
Maybe you need to save money and work full time.
Maybe dorm life just isn’t right for you.
Whatever your ‘maybe,’ we’re here for you.

Are you a young parent?

Maybe you always meant to start college, but life had other plans.
Maybe diapers had to come before degrees.
Maybe you had other things to do first.
Whatever your ‘maybe,’ we’re here for you.


Are you seeking advancement?

Maybe a semester off turned into more.
Maybe you want a job that fulfills you rather than just pays the bills.
Maybe you always meant to finish school but life got in the way.
Whatever your ‘maybe,’ we’re here for you.