George King Canvasing Scholarship

George King

In 1880 George King once tried to be a great preacher. He wanted to teach people about God and the prophecies. He practiced much to do that but his talents on public speech failed him. He was devastated thinking that his ministry life was over. Little did he know, it was only the beginning.

George left his friend’s house with a bag, and inside the bag he had a bible, some pamphlets, few books, and some food. He was the first FIRE-SIDE preacher. He went from home to home telling people about the truth of salvation and forgiveness. That failed preacher founded one of the most successful evangelistic programs bringing literature of salvation to many homes that would not have access to a preacher otherwise. Its fruits will only be fully known when God reveal that to us.

Our family had been involved in canvassing during our most precious youth years. A lot of lesson were learned, skills acquired and an unshakable faith in the promises of God grew in our hearts. 

Today is a privilege to us to be ambassadors of the FIRE-SIDE preacher or Canvassing Ministry as most people know today. We would like to dedicate this scholarship to all those who have decided to engage in this ministry in the hope that every youth cam became as excited in this ministry as we were. Have their faith grow stronger. And most important to fill the heavens with sons and daughters of God.


George King holding his baby daughter, standing next to his wife and behind his two other daughters all with big smiles.