College Sweethearts Nearly 3 Decades Strong

College Sweethearts Nearly 3 Decades Strong

Chad & Landy Johnson

Chad (Class of 1994) and Landy (Class of 1990) Johnson are proud Alumni sweethearts of Southwestern Adventist University. They share their cherished love story which started at Southwestern Adventist College!

When my wife Landy and I attended Southwestern Adventist University, it was known as SAC or Southwestern Adventist College.  I jokingly call it the place where two worlds collide.  Landy and I transferred from two opposite ends of the world.  Landy had come from the island of Puerto Rico, where she had been attending Antillean Adventist College. I had decided to journey south and was transferring from Canadian Union College.

We both had our own reasons for coming, but it was all part of God’s bigger plan.  He seemed to set things in motion way before we even knew we were being set up. You could say our meeting was one of chance, but in reality, it was the pieces falling into God’s plan for us.  Yes! it took place before cell phones, laptops, Facebook or Instagram. 

We cannot quite agree on exactly how the first meeting took place, but we can agree that it happened during fall break 1992.  I was sitting in the lobby of the then men’s residence Hamilton Hall one Friday afternoon when in walked a young girl I knew as Sandy. She started asking those of us who were there if we wanted to come to her house for a meal and vespers that evening.

Since I did not have any place to go and the cafe was closed, I decided to go and check this out and at least get a free meal out of the deal.  I was one of about a dozen young people who showed up, and not knowing many people, I sat on the sofa and observed the people coming and going.  One young lady caught my eye, I thought she was the most beautiful lady there and I stand by that still today.  She seemed to be in charge of getting things ready for the meal.  I noticed that she kept looking around the room as if she was searching for someone. As the evening continued, I kept an eye on this particular young lady.  I would soon learn that this was Sandy’s sister Landy.

Landy recalls that evening with slightly different sets of events.  She recalls her sister saying “Let’s have people over Friday evening for a meal and vespers. I have someone I want you to meet. He is from Denmark and I think you will like him.” Landy says she spent the evening preparing food and looking around at the people who were arriving, wondering when this man from Denmark would show up. No one seemed to fit the profile that her sister had given her.  There was, however, a young man sitting on the sofa staring at her all evening and she goes as far as to say he even winked at her several times, (I will not confirm nor deny the accusations).  Needless to say, the guy from Denmark did not even come to the event.

The evening went well, and after the meal and vespers it was suggested that we all go for a walk.  To this day I do not know who suggested it, but it was the first of many walks we have been on.  We have been walking together for almost 28 years now and have made many memories together. Many of which are from our days at SWAU.  We are proud to be alumni of SWAU, and this year one of our beautiful daughters became an alumnus of SWAU, and our second one is continuing her academic journey as a junior at SWAU.

Over the years, we have seen many changes take place at SWAU, these changes include new buildings, new faces, new programs, and new technology to name just a few.  The one thing that hasn’t changed is God’s plan for each and every one that passes through the doors of SWAU.  God has a plan for each one of us and for us, Southwestern Adventist University is where it started!

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