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Three communication professors at Southwestern Adventist University have won the highest honor in the television industry...

Standing in front of a backdrop, three men, dressed in suits, smile as they hold an award they received from the National Academy of Television.

The True Heroes Series

An animated series revealing true heroes through a heroic moment in their life.

A poster for "Truth", showcasing a sketched woman with a stern look beneath her glasses, and an angry man in the background


Emmy® Award, Outstanding Achievement in Historic/Cultural – Program Feature or Segment.
In 1851 Sojourner Truth attended the women’s convention in Akron Ohio, what she heard from the speakers moved her to deliver her iconic speech, ‘Ain’t I A Woman’.

A gray colored line sketch of a woman with big, wavy hair with a shocked expression on her face


Resistance (in-post-production, release 2019) A man risks his life to rescue total strangers from the Nazi’s.

Outside where horses can be seen helping toil the ground, a man and woman stand outside a wooden fence, smiling as they talk to the director


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