Academic Foundations

The Department of Education and Psychology at Southwestern Adventist University work to prepare teachers for elementary and secondary teaching positions in both public and faith-based school settings as well as those seeking a career in psychology.


Academic Foundations for education and psychology covers a variety of areas of study to prepare students for college-level coursework. This includes courses in English, history, social sciences, mathematics, computer science, health, physical education, and religion.


There are many courses to choose from while you pursue a degree from the Department of Education and Psychology. We’ve made it easy for you. Academic Foundations gives you applicable courses that will strengthen your knowledge base to help benefit your career in Education and Psychology.



  • Bilingual Educators
  • Curriculum Directors
  • Diagnosticians
  • Lead Teachers
  • Principals
  • Special Education Specialists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Superintendents


Expected employment growth of K-12 Teaching Positions through 2022

Two students sit on a small couch in moore, one is working on their laptop while the other reads a book
Four students stand togther outside of Pechero while they smile at each other.
Three Students sit at a table in Pechero looking through books, two are smiling.
A group of students sit togther smiling and playing guitar on campus on the grass.
Communication competency will be done in EDUC 275, 310, 326, 418, 475, and KINT 244
Item #TitleCredits
ENGL 121Freshman Compostition3
ENGL 220Research Writing3
 ENGL 231 or ENGL 2323
 Sub-Total Credits9


History & Social Sciences
Item #TitleCredits
HIST 111United States History to 18653
HIST 112United States History from 18653
HIST 242Historical and Political Geography3
POLS 211National and Texas Constitutions3
 Sub-Total Credits12


Math/Natural and Computer Science
Item #TitleCredits
MATH 131Applied Mathematics3
                       Life and Physical Science General Education Requirement8
 Sub-Total Credits



Health & Physical Education
Item #TitleCredits
UNIV 111Wellness for Life2
                      Kinesiology General Education Requirement2
 Sub-Total Credits4


Item #TitleCredits
RELT 101Christian Beliefs3
RELT 201Bible Study Methods3
RELH 230History of the SDA Church3
 RELB Upper Division3
 Sub-Total Credits12
 Total Credits:51

Faculty Profiles

Cheryl The, Ph.D.

Department of Education & Psychology
Professor and Department Chair

Michael England, EdD

Department of Education & Psychology
Adjunct Faculty

Heather Archer Wilson, ME.D

Department of Education & Psychology
Assistant Professor

Lynette Frantzen, PhD

Department of Education & Psychology
Associate Professor