M.Ed. Master of Education

As the Southwestern Adventist University Department of Education and Psychology, we are committed to shaping minds, cultivating hearts, and promoting service to prepare students for a profession in which they can affect the lives of others in a Christian paradigm.


Our Master of Education program is designed to develop and deliver an education program that ensures the highest of teacher preparation and performance. SWAU is a recognized contributor in the field of educational research and practice through effective teaching, quality research, and meaningful service.


The Department of Education is committed to the advancement of teaching and learning in all educational environments, at all levels, and for all students, especially graduate Christian education within the Adventist system of values.



Master in Education Programs

  • Post Baccalaureate U.S. History Certificate
  • Master of Education Curriculum and Instruction with Emphasis in Literacy
  • Master of Education with Emphasis in Educational Leadership


A Masters in Education will broaden your focus beyond the classroom to incorporate the use of management and strategy. With this M.Ed., you will have opportunities in diverse careers and multiple industries.


  • Lead Teacher
  • Principal
  • Superintendent
  • Diagnostician
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Special Education Director
  • Technology Director
  • Curriculum Director
  • Author
  • Small Business Owner
  • Corporate Executive


Expected employment growth of Speech-Language Pathologists between 2018-2028

Aims of the M.Ed. Program

  • To promote excellence in graduate education through teaching, research and service.
  • To prepare competent teachers, administrators, and other professional specialists for service in the field of education.
  • To conduct research, disseminate new knowledge, and develop applications of existing knowledge.
  • To improve cognitive, academic, physical, emotional, social development, and performance.


Career Field
Our Education and Psychology graduates attempting the Texas State certification exam had a 100% pass rate. All of our graduates, whose career goal is to teach, get a job offer whether in a private or public school system.


Educational Qualifications

  • You must earn a master’s degree if seeking administrative positions in education.
  • You must complete an area of expertise if seeking to teach at tertiary level; a doctorate degree is preferred.

Faculty Profiles

Cheryl The, Ph.D.

Department of Education & Psychology
Professor and Department Chair

Donna Berkner, EdD

Office of Academic Administration
Vice President

Michael England, EdD

Department of Education & Psychology
Adjunct Faculty

Marcel Sargeant, PhD

Office of the President
VP of Institutional Research & Eff.