Minor in Physical Education



Do you have a passion for healthy living and physical activity? Then why not promote public wellness and physical education with a minor in Physical Education! A minor in physical education gives you the knowledge of the benefits of an active lifestyle to help those you work with understand the methods behind the fitness instruction. This minor can be paired with a degree in education, business or kinesiology.


Career Field

You may elect courses that prepare you for careers as elementary or secondary physical education teachers. A minor in Physical Education will also prepare you for a career in the public or private sector of recreation or coaching. 


Educational Qualifications

  • While focusing in a content area, future teachers enroll in the teacher preparation program and take classes in education and child psychology.
  • Teacher preparation programs instruct how to present information to students and how to work with students of varying abilities and backgrounds.
  • The program includes fieldwork, such as student teaching. Some states require high school teachers to earn a master’s degree after earning their teaching certification. All states require teachers in public schools to be licensed. 


A Minor in Physical Education prepares you to teach the benefits of physical education to the next generations. This minor can be paired with a kinesiology, business, education, or communication degree.


  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Athletic Coach
  • College Instructor or Professor
  • Adventure and Outdoor Educator
  • Wellness Teacher
  • Athletic Director
  • Physical Therapist

Expected employment growth of coaches and scouts between 2018-2028

Gymnist from SWAU's SWAT team can be seen practicing standing on each other's shoulders as their coach stand to the side to instruct them.
In the gymnasium, the SWAT team practices in the background while we focus on two of the members applying chalk on their hands preparing to practice
Required Courses
Item #TitleCredits
 KINA 115 or KINA 2151
KINT 110Fundamentals of Kinesiology3
 KINT 131 or KINT 1322
KINT 241  Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries3
KINT 431Physical Education Methods (K-12)3
 Two Professional Activities Courses6
 Sub-Total Credits17


Required Cognates
Item #TitleCredits
BIOL 101Anatomy & Physiology I4
 Sub-Total Credits4
 Total Credits:22

Faculty Profiles

Vesa Naukkarinen, Ph.D.

Department of Kinesiology

Chad Hutchinson, MS

Department of Kinesiology
Assistant Professor

Paulino Santos-Andino, Ed.D.

Department of Kinesiology
Associate Professor & Department Chair