B.M.E. Music Education, Teaching Certificate (K – 12)

We’re dedicated to providing you with a top-level music education. With premier instructors, monthly master class and recital opportunities, elite international touring ensembles, and a comprehensive scholarship program, Southwestern is committed to providing you with what you need to succeed as a professional.


Job Market

Teaching careers in Elementary, Jr. High & High Schools/Academies are most common. Private studio instruction is another outlet for employment. Graduate schools also provide opportunity for qualified performers and teachers who are continuing their education with paid teaching assistantships.


Job Outlook

Music education opportunities are readily available each year. The personal performance level of applicants can drastically increase their chance for employment as well as their proficiency in multiple instruments/ensembles.


Educational Qualifications

Students planning to be music educators will complete the required certification needed for teaching in elementary and secondary education with the BME degree. College and University-level educators must have a masters degree and many positions may require a Doctoral degree.


Many graduates work as teachers in elementary and secondary education, college or university. Graduates may also have careers in performance, composition, church music and private studio instruction. Music education opportunities are readily available each year. Performance opportunities are highly competitive. Elite performers have a significant advantage in pursuing a career in music.


  • Elementary school teacher
  • Secondary school teacher
  • Musical performer
  • Musical composer
  • Studio performer
  • Musical instructor


Voices in choir at Night at the Meyerson Festival each year.

Two students sit at the library table as they read their textbooks and write things down in their notebooks
Two female students sit on a bench in front of a light-colored brick wall, smiling and talking
A group of students are sitting outside of student center talking and laughing
A group of students stand at the bottom of the staircase, smiling and laughing
A group of students stand outside of the moore building talking and smiling together
Two students sit together outside while looking at each other, talking and laughing
Four students stand togther outside of Pechero while they smile at each other.
Required Courses
Item #TitleCredits
MUCT 111Music Theory I3
MUCT 121Ear Training and Sight Singing I1
MUCT 151Music Theory II3
MUCT 161Ear Training and Sight Singing II1
MUCT 221Music Theory III3
MUCT 251Music Theory IV3
MUCT 315Form and Analysis3
MUCT 414Orchestration and Arranging3
MUCT 420Music Composition and Technology3
MUED 253Music in the School3
MUED 280Basic Conducting2
MUED 390Instrumental Conducting and Literature3
MUED 391Choral Conducting and Literature3
MUED 475    Ensemble Management and Administration1
 MUHL 321, 322, 323, and 324 options6
 Sub-Total Credits41
Pedagogy: Choose four of the following
Item #TitleCredits
MUED 275Diction for Singers2
MUED 321Collaborative Piano
MUED 371Percussion Methods & Pedagogy2
MUED 372Brass Methods & Pedagogy2
MUED 373String Methods & Pedagogy2
MUED 374Woodwind Methods & Pedagogy2
MUED 451Voice Methods & Pedagogy2
MUED 452Piano Methods & Pedagogy2
 Sub-Total Credits8
Applied Music Lessons & Recital
Item #TitleCredits
 Applied Music7
MUPF 468Senior Recital1
 Sub-Total Credits8
Item #TitleCredits
 Music Ensemble (lower division)2
 Music Ensemble (upper division)2
 Sub-Total Credits4
Item #TitleCredits
ENGL 121Freshman Composition3
ENGL 220Research Writing3
 ENGL 231 or ENGL 2323
 Sub-Total Credits12


Health and Physical Education
Item #  TitleCredits
 Kinesiology General Education Requirement2
 Sub-Total Credits2


Item #TitleCredits
MATH 131Applied Mathematics3
 Sub-Total Credits3


**More details and specifications in the bulletin
Item #TitleCredits
RELT 101Christian Beliefs3
RELT 201Bible Study Methods3
RELH 230History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church3
 RELB upper division3
 Sub-Total Credits12


Social and Behavior Science
Item #TitleCredits
HIST 111United States History to 18653
HIST 112United States History from 18653
PSYC 220Human Growth and Development3
 Sub-Total Credits9


Lab Science
Item #TitleCredits
 Life and Physical Science General Education Requirement8
 Sub-Total Credits8


TX State and NAD Education Certification
Item #TitleCredits
EDUC 312Educational Psychology3
EDUC 326Learners With Exceptionalities3
EDUC 385Philosophy of Christian Education3
EDUC 434 Classroom Assessment3
EDUC 436 Classroom Management3
EDUC 450Teaching in the Secondary School3
EDUC 485     Directed Teaching in Secondary School6
 Sub-Total Credits24
 Total Credits:134