No Place I’d Rather Be – Amy James

No Place I’d Rather Be – Amy James

Amy James & Remington Hill

Amy James is a junior English major at Southwestern Adventist University. As a local, her Keene roots are strong and she proudly presents a glimpse of her time here at the University and how she cherishes the close-knit environment of the campus as a Human of SWAU. 


When I first came to Southwestern Adventist University, I planned on pursuing a degree in Business Management & Marketing. While the business program is exceptional, my first semester showed me that English was an even better fit for my future goals! My advisor was completely supportive and very helpful through each step of my decision as I changed my major to English.


I immediately fell in love with the University’s English Department after taking just a few general courses, and I haven't looked back since. The English Department at Southwestern Adventist University is unique in that we are given the opportunity to be in a close-knit environment with our peers and professors. This sense of community and shared passion for literature is what makes Southwestern Adventist University so special for me. 


Since I grew up in Keene and attended high school down the street from the University, I honestly did not intend to enroll here. Like many others in my graduating class, I wanted to have a new start outside of Keene. This was obviously not in God's plan for me and for that, I am truly grateful I chose to explore my passion here. Southwestern Adventist University has been a perfect fit for me and there is no place I would rather be. 

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