Ann Marie Jobity

Ann Marie Jobity, MS

Department of Residential Life & Housing
Asst. Dean of Women/Counselor
(817) 202-6513
(682) 702-6907

Ann Marie Jobity was born in Trinidad and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She attended Southwestern Adventist University in 2003 as a student, leaving the corporate world to launch a new career in service. In 2006, after graduating with a degree in social work, Jobity accepted the position of Assistant Dean of Women at Southwestern Adventist University. She went on to complete a Master’s of Psychology and Counseling, which led to an additional assignment at the University as a counselor in the Counseling and Testing Center. Over the years, Jobity has served as Student Association sponsor, gospel choir advisor and coordinator for “Women at the Well”, an on-campus luncheon and worship for women. Jobity enjoys traveling with the athletic teams, cooking for her “many kids” and leading out in campus worship. You will often see her walking across campus, Face-Timing with her five grandkids in between counseling sessions. “I have no regrets regarding my career change,” Says Jobity. “Sharing the love of God with the students gives me great job satisfaction.”