Paulino Santos-Andino

Paulino Santos-Andino, Ed.D.

Department of Kinesiology
Associate Professor & Department Chair
(817) 202-6567

Obesity in children with Down Syndrome: Main researcher in investigation that explored the effects of obesity in children with Down Syndrome and a possible link between the two. 

Effects of the movie theater in the clarification of values respect and responsibility: Actualmente colaborando en una investigación enfocada en evaluar los síntomas de trauma complejo relacionados al desorden de desarrollo del trauma en una población de niños y adolescentes 

Comparing physical education in Cuba and Puerto Rico: The investigation focused on determining the differences and similarities in regards to the teaching of physical education in Puerto Rico and Cuba.

Paulino Santos-Andino and his wife Raquel Crespo have been married for 32 years. They have a 28-year-old daughter working as a doctor clinical psychologist in Massachusetts, and 27-year-old son working as a computer engineer for Hewlett Packard HP in Puerto Rico. Paulino feels blessed to preach the word of God in different countries and places, in both English and Spanish. He loves to help others and is excited to see the second coming of Jesus. His favorite food is Italian Lasagna with garlic bread. Paulino's favorite color is Black, and he likes to read the Bible and watch sports.