Southwestern Adventist University To Host North American Premiere Screening of The Dig

Southwestern Adventist University To Host North American Premiere Screening of The Dig

Tim Kosaka

Southwestern Adventist University invites you to the North American premiere screening of The Dig. The series, which is set to air on Hope Channel in January 2020, will explore the experiences of our Dinosaur Science Museum’s annual fossil dig in Wyoming. The event is on Saturday, November 16 at 7:00 PM. Information and tickets are available at

The Dig:

For one month every year, Dr. Art Chadwick and Dr. Jared Wood travel from Southwestern Adventist University to the 8,000-acre Hanson Ranch and Research Center in Eastern Wyoming. They are joined by over a hundred participants consisting of scientists, students, and paleontology enthusiasts from around the world.


The Dig is a reality series that lets the viewer experience the sights, sounds, and stories of a summer with the research team. Directed by award-winning filmmaker and Southwestern Adventist University communication professor, Paul Kim, the series features stunning imagery of Eastern Wyoming and its epic storms, while giving a compelling depiction of the emotional journey undertaken by everyone who makes it through the month-long adventure.  


“Most people who are interested in paleontology are absorbed in the dinosaurs themselves, as they are such fascinating creatures that we are still trying to better understand”, says Paul Kim, Director of The Dig. “But what drew me to this project was the human story behind the excavation--the compelling characters who found this work to be so important and fun that they would dedicate so much of their time and so much physical effort into paleontology, year after year.”

The Dig is set to release on Apple TV, Roku, and other streaming platforms in January 2020. It will air on Hope Channel (Direct TV Channel 368) in January and February.

Dinosaur Science Museum:
The Dinosaur Science Museum is located on the campus of Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas. 
With over 30,000 bones in the museum’s depository, visitors will experience how each bone is cleaned, identified, and catalogued, how each bone is then photographed and placed on its online database for viewing by scientists from around the world, how the face of one of the quarries with dinosaur bones looks to those that participate in the dig. The museum prides itself by allowing visitors to actually touch dinosaur bones.  Coming to the museum is a rich educational experience to people of all ages.


“Our Museum houses one of the largest and most diverse dinosaur fossil collections in the world,'' says Dr. Jared Wood, Director of the Dinosaur Museum and Co-Director of the Dinosaur Research Project. “We have always strived to make this amazing collection accessible to our local community. I hope this series gives the public the opportunity to connect with our project in a new, intimate way.”

The museum can take their exhibit on the road along with class experiences on dinosaurs and fossils for school, church, and community group events.


The Screening:

Southwestern Adventist University looks forward to hosting the North American premiere screening of The Dig on its campus in Keene, Texas. The event will include an exclusive feature-length director’s cut of the series, Q&A session with the film’s director as well as co-stars Jared Wood and Art Chadwick.  After the screening, all visitors are invited to a reception at the Dinosaur Science Museum, with the opportunity to view exhibits, the Museum facility where the bones are prepared, and the repository where the massive collection is stored.


While admission is free, a ticket is required due to limited space. Learn more at