Counseling & Testing Center


Welcome to the Testing and Counseling Center at Southwestern Adventist University. Our campus is dedicated to care for all student needs; whether spiritual, mental, or academic. Our office is in Moran Hall, 300 N. College Drive. Feel free to stop by and visit!

Successful Students

Successful students are values driven. 

They model integrity and desire self-improvement. 

They demonstrate decorum and respect for others. 

They are resourceful and take initiative.

They assume responsibility for their actions and they understand their choices will influence others.   

They have a strong sense of personal efficacy and influence.

They are disciplined, focused, able to persevere, and can schedule their time.

They balance their intellectual creativity, imagination, and creativity with care for their health and diet.

Their pride of accomplishment and self-presentation is balanced by their humility and commitment to service.


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