Residence Halls

Residence Halls

Southwestern Adventist University’s residence halls are more than a place to sleep and rest between classes. They are a place to form a community, to study together, and to worship together.

There are two residence halls available to women and two available to men. All residents have access to laundry rooms and gathering spaces, although the exact details of those will vary.

Residence Hall Application

Four male students sit on and around a bench in front of the men's residence hall
Inside the room of a dorm, a bunkbed is seen with desks on the otherside. On the wall is a large cloth with vibrant colors.


Harmon Hall is a women’s residence hall that houses 160 students. Any female student from freshman to senior year status is eligible to live in this hall.
There are two lobbies available for gathering. One on the first floor in which men can visit the residents, and the other is on the second and is only open to the residents of Harmon.
In Harmon, there is a study lounge that has a pool table, air hockey table, vending machine and a lounge for students to spend time either studying or hanging out.


  • Dilts Chapel
  • Study Lounge
  • Laundry Room 
    • $1.25 to wash or dry a load
  • Exercise Room
  • Kitchen
    • Cooking supplies not included
  • Community Bathrooms
    • Per section of hall
    • Three Showers , Three Toilets, One Soaker Tub

Rooms Include:

  • Two twin regular beds (can be bunked)
  • Two desks
  • Two night stands
  • One sink (Two towel racks)
  • Built in dressers/closets
  • Wall A/C & heater 
  • 42x63 Window (Need to use tension rod for window treatments)
  • Ceiling Fan


A game room with a pool table, air hockey table and various couches for seating


Meier Hall is designated for female students who are 21 years or older. This hall houses 45 students.
There is a lobby area where residents can host male and female visitors. During the nighttime, there is a lobby monitor in this space.


  • Laundry room 
    • $1.25 to wash or dry a load
  • Vending machine
  • Overnight lobby monitor

In this hall, pairs of rooms called suites are connected by a shared bathroom that includes a shower and toilet. Each room has its own sink.

Rooms Include:

  • Joint suite bathroom 
  • Sink
  • Two twin beds (can be bunked)
  • Two desks
  • Two nightstands
  • One sink
  • Two dressers
  • Walk-in closet
  • Central A/C & heat
  • Windows with 24 x 48 blinds

Exterior of Harmon hall which is built with light tan bricks and has various windows for each room

Harmon Hall

Women's Residence Hall | 817-300-0267
Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors

The exterior of Meier Hall which is made of light tan bricks and a brown roofing with a small covering in front of the door

Meier Hall

Women's Residence Hall | 817-300-0267
21+ years old

Exterior of Miller Hall which has two colors of brick and a large window in the front

Miller Hall

Men's Residence Hall | 817-202-6229
Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors

The exterior of Hadley, which is a long building with a light brick and a brown roofing

Hadley Hall

Men's Residence Halls | 817-202-6229
21+ years old

Janelle Williams, MEd

Department of Residential Life & Housing
Dean of Women

Wil Iverson, BS

Department of Residential Life & Housing
Dean of Men & Outdoor Recreation Coordinator

Ann Marie Jobity, MS

Department of Residential Life & Housing
Asst. Dean of Women/Counselor

Travis Gagau

Office of Student Services
Assistant Dean of Men