Thank You to All Who Support SWAU

Thank You to All Who Support SWAU

Tony Reyes

Just over a century ago, the founders of Southwestern Adventist University arrived on a rural and brush-covered plot of land called Keene, Texas. They cleared the ground and built the school with their own hands – Forging a campus that would take root and grow strong. Today, those founders would be left open mouthed if they could see how the small seedling that they planted has become a large, leafy tree, with heavy fruit, extending its cool shade and with such deep roots. That is a legacy to be proud of!

Southwestern is now a thriving institution of higher education that continues to grow – Thanks to your support!

Thank you for helping to plant new seeds of growth on the campus of Southwestern. Growing is a part of the natural order of living things. I am not referring to the buildings, the dozens of classrooms, ball courts, pathways, lecture halls, auditoriums or educational resources. I am referring to the people, those who are here and those who were here. In other words, the legacy.

Early on, we discovered that educating the mind, heart and soul requires teamwork. The support of the family and community is apparent because, as we have always believed, education is a joint project. Southwestern Adventist University becomes a home, a community, a family for many, and the children and grandchildren of those who passed through here return. Why did they return? Because when we give of ourselves to others, and when we lend our hands to build the dreams of our neighbors, we inspire others to do the same. That is called service. It could also be called devotion. It connects you to the network, which grows.

That is why I tell you: education is an enormous effort that doesn’t rest on a few shoulders. 
Service is a cycle. We build, we squeeze juice out of the present and we add our quota to the legacy. After a short rest, we regain strength, and we move forward again. As we move forward, I want to reach out and say, “Thank you.” Thank you for being part of the legacy, the network – Part of the leafy tree that extends its fruit and shade to those who desire to become all that God has made them to be. 

Because of you, young bright minds are being transformed and lives are being changed. Because of you, we are able to inspire knowledge, faith and service through Christ-centered education. 

For this and much more, thank you! Thank you for partnering with Southwestern Adventist University. Thank you for being a blessing to many students that are searching for knowledge, faith and service opportunities. Thank you for allowing God to work through you and allowing yourself to be part of God’s plan for someone else’s life. 

If you feel the call to be, or continue to be, part of God’s blessing for our students here at SWAU, I would like to invite you to contribute to the scholarship opportunities we have available. Please visit to learn about the many opportunities available to be a part of the legacy.

Thank you!


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