Vital Communication Skills | Kenesma Vanterpool

Vital Communication Skills | Kenesma Vanterpool

Kenesma Vanterpool

I am a third grade Math and Science teacher in Houston, Texas.  I feel prepared to work in this very diverse community because of my experiences working in Southwestern's culturally rich environment.   

I gained valuable skills at Southwestern Adventist University.   I learned how to communicate with anyone that walked through the door. That skill is vital for teachers as we communicate with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and, of course, their students. 

Having the name Southwestern Adventist  University on my resume has also opened doors, even in a public school setting. The quality of education and preparedness is recognized. Since I’ve stood by my faith, I have met other employees that work in the district with the same faith as myself.  I am very glad that I attended and graduated from Southwestern. 


Kenesma Vanterpool, Elementary Education, 2013