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In a changing world, our mission remains the same

We are committed to inspire the pursuit of Knowledge, Faith and Service. Our campus family is important to us and as we prepare for the start of the Spring 2021 semester on January 18th, we have carefully considered how to continue to provide a safe and healthy campus environment.

The preparedness plan in response to COVID-19 includes  guidelines for  all aspects of campus life. As the semester begins, we will continue to closely monitor changes and respond accordingly. Thank you for being flexible, understanding and willing to comply.     

We believe in God’s plan for each of you on our campus. 

We will be prepared so that you can pursue God, Peace, Knowledge, Relationships, Purpose, Goals, Growth and Community! 

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to wear a mask on campus?

Face coverings are required indoors under all circumstances except for when working alone in a private office or room or in a student’s residence hall room. When outdoors, face coverings are required when physical distancing cannot be maintained. We encourage everyone to be prepared and carry a mask with them.

What if COVID-19 gets worse, will SWAU still remain open?

Administration regularly monitors  community spread of COVID-19. If the county or state issues an order or if community spread rises to a point that is deemed unsafe, then we will consider moving to LEVEL-RED in our implementation plan. This could include partial or full online instruction.

If a student is coming from a state that is considered a hotspot before school starts, will the student be welcome at SWAU?

Each student will have to undergo a detailed screening upon arriving on campus and before moving into the residence halls.  If a student has any symptoms of COVID-19 or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive, then they will be referred for testing.

How do you ensure that students are not visiting hot spot areas during weekend visits?

In order to keep our residence halls safe, overnight leaves will not be granted unless it is an emergency.  If a student leaves campus for an extended time, they will have to undergo screening with Student Health Services upon his or her return.

I'm an International student, my country is affected by COVID-19, can I still enroll at SWAU?

International students are welcome to enroll.  However, travel restrictions are in place for certain countries and the future of travel restrictions is uncertain.  It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of any restrictions from their country of origin.  All students will be screened and monitored by Student Health Services.

Will students be allowed to work on campus if classes are moved online?

If classes are moved online, campus employment will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the department and their needs.

When do you decide to send a student to be tested for COVID-19?

The sickness protocol states that anyone who “suspects that they have been in direct contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19 or who develop any new symptoms of illness including fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, new loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea and/or sore throat” should immediately self-isolate and report to Student Health Services. They will then be referred for testing. Patients may be tested for a range of illnesses (flu, strep throat…) in addition to COVID-19.

What is going to happen with sports?

Currently, teams are moving forward with preseason conditioning with physical distancing and screening measures in place.  The athletics department will monitor community spread and work with partner organizations to make any decisions to pause or continue sports.

What happens if a residence hall student is put under quarantine? Do they stay in their room? Do they have to find somewhere else to stay?

The university has designated quarantine/isolation areas on campus . All meals and any necessary items will be delivered  to the individual. Once they report to Student Health Services, then they will receive further instructions and assistance.

Will nurses and education majors still be able to do their clinicals or student teaching?

The nursing and education departments will work closely with schools and hospitals to follow all guidelines they have established. Any changes to these programs will be communicated to students from their respective departments.

With limited capacity for vespers and small groups, will students still be required to earn worship credits?

The Spiritual Life and Development Team will be working to provide a variety of options for worship across different platforms, including online options for worship. We want you to grow your faith and believe that worship is an important part of your experience on campus.  Updates will be sent out on a regular basis.

Will assembly still be required?

The Student Services department will communicate any changes to the frequency or accessibility to Assembly programming directly to students.

If a student is quarantined, will there be accommodations for classwork?

If a student is placed inquarantine or isolation, accommodations will be made for class attendance. Communication with professors is critical to ensure that a student stays up to date with any coursework.

What if my roommate gets sick? Who moves out? Or do we both quarantine?

If a student  tests positive for COVID-19, they will immediately be isolated. Anyone who has been in close contact with a positive person, such as a roommate or household member, should quarantine for the recommended amount of time designated by the CDC. Anyone experiencing symptoms, or suspecting close contact, should report to Student Health Services to be tested.

Can I still tour the SWAU campus?

Families are welcome to tour the campus and can request individual appointments by contacting enrollment at

Can I visit the SWAU campus as a guest?

To support physical distancing and capacity limits we encourage guests to email their campus contact to schedule virtual meetings. Any guests who have an appointment on campus should begin their visit with a screening at the welcome desk located in the Findley Building.

What about cleaning shared desks in classrooms and shared computers in the labs?

Each individual (faculty, staff and students) is asked to wipe down any areas before and after use. Sanitizing wipes will be provided by the university in all classrooms and computer labs. Disposable keyboard and mouse sleeves will be used in computer labs. Our janitorial staff will be increasing cleaning frequency to all areas and this is one way we can each work together to keep our areas clean.

Will students have access to the library, The Write Spot and CASA?

Yes, the library, the Write Spot and CASA will be open (limited capacity) and online resources are also available. Common areas and high touch surfaces will be disinfected regularly. For more information on how to access library resources online and library updates visit

Will students be able to meet with professors in person during office hours?

Yes, Please contact individual professors to set an appointment.  Meetings may occur in larger venues such as classrooms or conference rooms to ensure that physical distancing is maintained.  Facemasks are recommended for in-person meetings.

Who can I contact if I have another question relating to COVID-19?

For any additional questions, please email the COVID-19 Taskforce Team at and your question will be routed to the appropriate department.

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