88.3 The Journey Welcomes New General Manager

88.3 The Journey Welcomes New General Manager

Tim Kosaka

The Journey’s program director and morning show host Danae Songy was promoted to general manager following the departure of Michael Agee to a radio station in Washington, D.C.  

The Journey listeners appreciate the fact that the station will be in the hands of someone who has been with The Journey for years and whose voice they’ve come to love in the morning. 

“I do not take this opportunity lightly and welcome prayers as I make this transition,” shares Songy.
Even before Agee’s departure, Songy was chosen by Christian Music Broadcasters to be a part of their new mentorship program. She was paired with another female manager who knows the challenges of radio station leadership. Songy believes that was only the beginning of God’s promise to equip her to carry on the ministry of The Journey in her new position.

“Thanks to Mike’s leadership, The Journey is looking to hire a music director for the first time,” says Songy. “This individual will ensure all on-air communication is aligned with the station’s mission as well as formulate strategies for attracting, retaining and growing The Journey’s listening audience.”

Individuals interested in joining The Journey team can visit swau.edu/hr to learn more.

88.3 The Journey is a non-profit, listener-supported Christian radio station. In a world that needs hope, joy and meaningful relationships, they take to heart the words of Micah 6:8. Visit 883thejourney.org to learn more.

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