A Foundation for Excellence

White photo stating the mission and vision of Southwestern Adventist University
White photo featuring a table stating what is valued and the goals for those who work and attending Southwestern Adventist University

Southwestern Adventist University is pleased to present its Strategic Plan 2020-2023: A Foundation of Excellence. This strategic plan is grounded in the University’s mission to inspire knowledge, faith, and service through Christ-centered education. It is linked to the heritage of those who founded this institution in 1893 to be a safe place where students would learn practical skills, grow in faith, and be of service to the communities in which they would live and to the legacy of those church leaders, school administrators, faculty, and staff who have served this institution over the years.

The implementation of the goals, recommendations, critical objectives, and action items laid out in the 2015–2020 Strategic Plan have provided crucial enhancements to the entire campus, including the new Larry R. Moore Nursing and Administration Building, doubling the size of our endowment, private donations of over $23M, and renovations to many of the facilities including the new Dinosaur Science Museum. These enhancements will help propel the University over the next three years in meeting the six new goals:

  1. Enhance quality academic programs

  2. Promote an environment that inspires personal faith and Christ-centered relationships

  3. Create a transformative and immersive experience in all phases of university life

  4. Establish Southwestern Adventist University as an innovator in Christian higher education

  5. Ensure campus facilitates a vibrant environment for student learning

  6. Develop and implement a sustainable financial model that ensures financial vitality

The success of this bold and ambitious plan depends largely on the abundance of God’s blessings and on the hard-working and devoted staff, faculty, and administrators who are deeply committed to live out the University’s mission and faith. 


Southwestern Adventist University Strategic Plan 2020-2023