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Explore the complexity and divinity of the human experience through timeless literary works.

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English Department

How SWAU Ranks

SWAU English graduates work in an internship that provides valuable work experience for job placement or graduate school applications. 


Of recent graduates work in a field or go to graduate school and use their skillset


The number of published articles in the past five years by undergraduate students


Of graduates are currently in professional schools, such as law school, or are working on their Ph.D.

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Writing Club

The Rough Writers Club sponsors monthly writing seminars that explore various books as well as “poetry-slam” events, where students can read work they have written in an open-mic forum. Learn more and join the club at Rough Writers Club.

English Drama Play

Since 2016, the English Drama Play has become one of the year’s highlights, with performances drawing packed houses, and with multiple performances for each production. The production involves individuals from across the campus community as actors, stage crew, makeup artists, and set designers. Students can participate for fun or for credit. Learn more and explore past plays at English Drama Plays.

The Write Spot

The Write Spot is an exceptional service available to students of all academic disciplines. It provides English majors the opportunity to tutor their peers and gain hands-on experience beyond the classroom. If students are looking to improve their writing skills and to produce high-quality work, this is the best place to visit. Tutors are trained to assist in all stages of the writing process. Learn more at The Write Spot.

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