Karl Konrad Chemistry Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Karl Konrad Chemistry Endowed Scholarship

The Dr. Karl Konrad Chemistry Endowed Scholarship is created in honor of our beloved Dr. Karl Konrad.
Dr. Konrad who is loved and appreciated by many of his colleagues and students, began his career at Southwestern Adventist University in December 1968 as a Chemistry professor and department chair until June 2006. He didn’t only dedicate his life to teaching but also lead in the capacity of Vice President for Academic Administration for 3 years.
Due to his love and appreciation for Southwestern Adventist University students, he returned as a chemistry professor in 2009 until he retired in the summer of 2011. His tenure at Southwestern was for 45 years! One of his colleagues said, “Every student I’ve ever talked to over the years has said that they’ve loved Karl Konrad’s classes and that he was an excellent chemistry teacher.  After all, you don’t stay a teacher for that many years if you’re not doing something right.”
The Dr. Karl Konrad Endowed Scholarship has been established for the benefit of Chemistry students who are juniors or seniors and have demonstrated purpose, talent, and leadership.


Dr. Karl Konrad explaining something to a student in the Southwestern Adventist University chemistry lab
Dr. Karl Konrad stand in the doorway of a home with his hand on the doorframe