Beyond Academics - Marisa Wallace

Beyond Academics - Marisa Wallace

Marisa Wallace & Remington Hill

Marisa Wallace is a junior history major at Southwestern Adventist University. As a member of University Singers, student worker at the Office of Advancement, and member of several campus clubs, she enjoys being involved on campus and cherishes the unique experiences she’s had as a Human of SWAU. 

I am a junior history major at Southwestern Adventist University, and I plan to pursue law school after I graduate. From the moment I applied, I was instantly welcomed by my enrollment counselor and felt right at home. Here on campus, I enjoy the well-rounded involvement I have both in and out of the classroom through music, sports, and real-world work experiences right on the University’s campus.


A memory that I cherish is being a part of our SWAT gymnastics team. SWAT is our Southwestern Acrobatics Team and is like family to me. The friends that I have made on the team pick me up on and off the mats. Last year, when I joined SWAT, we had the opportunity to host Acrofest, a gymnastics event that brings Adventist college and high school teams from across North America together. Being able to welcome hundreds of gymnasts and exhibit our Southwesternhospitality, was a lot of fun! 


Aside from athletics, I love music and have the privilege of being a University Singer. As a member of this select choir, I get to travel domestically and internationally. It has been such a cool experience to sing with well-known composers and artists such as Craig Courtney and Jaci Velasquez while attending a small and personable University! Performing at the Meyerson Symphony Center each year along with hundreds of talented high schoolers who audition for a spot in the prestigious Music Festival, is an experience that makes attending Southwestern Adventist University incredibly unique.  


When I am not singing, studying, or doing acrobatic gymnastics, I work in the Office of Advancement. There, I grow the professional skills that I hope to one day utilize as a lawyer. From organizing events to corresponding with donors, and from writing letters, to filing documents, Southwestern Adventist University’s on-campus work opportunities make my college experience financially possible and prepares me for my future career. 


The small campus environment has allowed me to experience a well-rounded college journey while being surrounded by supervisors, coaches, and instructors who know and care for me.  Each day, I am learning about history, but I am also making life-long friends, gaining experiences that will prepare me for my future law career, and most importantly, establishing a firm relationship with God. I am grateful for the experiences that I’ve had here and for my continual growth. Southwestern Adventist University is truly a place where doors have opened and continue to open.

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