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Melissa Anderson

I served on the beautiful, Micronesian island of Kosrae during the 2016-2017 school year. I taught third and fourth grade, I basically never wore shoes, and I picked fruit straight off trees. I learned several important life lessons that year. The first one was, I am not anyone’s savior; I just need to love people regardless of my location. The second one was, I shouldn’t take myself so seriously; it’s totally OK to be laughed at. And the third one was, wear sunscreen, for real! That year was the best of my life to date because it involved so much growth, mainly achieved by discomfort, and I would go back a million times just to experience it again. 

Matthew Hanson

I served as a student missionary on the island of Yap, Micronesia. Originally I planned on being a third-grade teacher, so you can imagine my surprise when I ended up teaching high school! I was so nervous as I prepared to serve as a student missionary, yet, my time as a student missionary gave me some of the best memories of my life! I personally believe that everyone should take a year or two to go and serve as a student missionary. Even if your experience is not the same as mine, being a student missionary prepares you in many aspects of life. Go now and serve! 

Cecilia Cabrera

My time in Saipan was amazing—going there was the best decision I could have made after graduation! It was a time that God set apart to help me grow as a Christian and restart my relationship with Him. After a typhoon category five hit the island, teaching became harder, but God showed me through service, that even in adversity, He blesses. He showed me that His grace and love abound even in the tiniest speck in the ocean and that there’s a lot we still need to share. 

Becoming a Missionary

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There is no doubt that God is calling each of us to be missionaries. Where is God calling you to go? The first step in becoming a missionary is to pray about it. Pray that God will open the door that is right for you! Browse these calls and pray about your right place.