Christ-Centered Education – Micah Illingworth

Christ-Centered Education – Micah Illingworth

Micah Illingworth & Remington Hill

Micah Illingworth is a junior nursing major at Southwestern Adventist University. Micah shares a piece of his experience on campus and how nursing has impacted his experience as a Human of SWAU.

I was born and raised in Keene, Texas where Southwestern Adventist University has always been right in my backyard. When choosing a university to pursue my degree in nursing, I hesitated to attend Southwestern Adventist University because I was unsure if I wanted to stay with my roots in the town of Keene, or travel and experience the world. I chose Southwestern Adventist University and have not regretted it! Not only have I been blessed to attend college in my hometown, but I have also grown in every aspect of my personal, academic, and spiritual journey thanks to the Christ-centered education here.


Southwestern Adventist University’s nursing program prides itself in its high pass rates, state-of-the-art equipment, and excellent internship opportunities. While these are all true and excellent reasons to pursue nursing here, I am most impressed about the one-on-one interactions I have with my professors. Being in a smaller school where our nursing classes have dozens rather than hundreds of students, I am blessed with a personalized experience where my professors ensure I succeed. My professors know each of us on an individual basis, they invite us to their homes for meals, and they stay late to answer our questions. I feel that hearing their experiences and receiving their personalized support prepares me for the competitive and stressful workforce that I will enter after college.


Beyond preparing me for my future career, the faculty here support my Christian journey. I know that there are dozens of Christian colleges across North Texas, but Southwestern Adventist University is unique because faith is integrated into everyday life. Many of my classes begin with a devotional or encouraging thought; each weekend, the celebration of Sabbath fosters an environment of balance and rest; prayer is a valued aspect of our campus; and worship opportunities are personalized and numerous. Being at a University where Christ is central in all that we do and where I am able to connect with others who share in my faith is priceless. 


We are all one big family who pushes each other throughout each success and challenge. I am very glad I chose Southwestern Adventist University. I encourage those who are interested in a nursing degree to look beyond the statistics that larger schools boast and come to Southwestern Adventist University, a community focused on an integrated Christ-centered education.

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