Dr. Donna Berkner Named Vice President for Academic Administration

Dr. Donna Berkner Named Vice President for Academic Administration

Tim Kosaka

On February 11, Southwestern Adventist University’s Board of Trustees unanimously voted to appoint Dr. Donna Berkner as the University’s next Vice President for Academic Administration. Berkner, who has been with the University since 2012, has served as Interim Vice President since July of 2019. Previously, she was the Chair of the Department of Education and Psychology.


Vice President Berkner brings a decorated track record. A previous principal, she is a published author and holds multiple licenses including the State of Texas Teaching License, State of Texas Principal License, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Leadership Certification, and Professional Development and Appraisal System Certification. Berkner is a member of the Associate & Assistant Deans and Directors of Texas (ADoT) Colleges of Education and of REACH Committee for North American Division and Inclusive Education.  She has served on a number of boards and currently serves as Vice President for Higher Education with the North American Division Office of Education. As Vice President, Berkner looks forward to working with the faculty as they provide educational experiences for Southwestern Adventist University students.


 “I was very pleased to invite Dr. Donna Berkner to serve as VP for Academic Administration,” shared Dr. Ken Shaw, President.  “She has put her heart and soul into ensuring quality academics while strongly supporting the mission of inspiring knowledge, faith, and service through Christ-centered education. She has an incredible amount of administrative experience and was recommended to the VP post by her faculty peers; this being the highest level of affirmation a faculty member can receive.” 


Vice President Berkner loves food from many cultures, including Mexican, Indian, and Thai. She likes to decorate her home in colors that bring warmth, similar to those found in traditional craftsmen, or arts and craft style homes. Outside of the office, she enjoys reading a stack of books or planning her next travel adventure. Vice President Berker is the mother of two grown and married children, Dayne (Jenny) and Bree (James), as well as three grandchildren: Hank, Hannah, and Logan.

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