The Legacy Gala

Southwestern Adventist University celebrates 130 years of education, community, and opportunity. Our goal for this event is to raise $130,000 for student scholarships!

SWAU Legacy Gale Audience
SWAU Legacy Gala Sponsors 2023
SWAU Student Sarah Ferreira
SWAU Student Edgar Zelidon
SWAU Student Angelica Gonzalez
SWAU Student Jairo Diaz
SWAU Student Twinkle Eapen
SWAU Student Kyle Barrow

Sarah Ferreira


“I am so grateful for the scholarship that was awarded to me. Thank you to all of those who donated to the scholarship fund. My scholarship award was an incredible surprise after a long and hard semester working four jobs total. I will honor this gift by continuing to diligently develop my skills to one day be the best teacher I can be for my students.”

Edgar Zelidon


“I am most humbled to receive financial support from scholarships. It means the world to me to know that my efforts have value. I will continue striving for academic excellence, and I will prioritize being an ambassador for my community wherever I am placed. I thank God for the opportunity He has given me to be at Southwestern Adventist University and for the support of all the people who are helping me in this journey.”

Angelica Gonzalez


“I am very grateful for this scholarship. In fact, I received news about it on the same day I was told that my funds did not cover my school expenses. I tried not to stress about it, because worrying is doubting that God is in control. Very shortly afterward, I received the scholarship award notification in my email. I want to say thank you sincerely from my heart. Adventist education has always been a dream of mine, and I came to this school contrary to my family’s wishes because of the cost. I have paid all my schooling by myself, and this scholarship takes weight off my shoulders. Thank you for thinking of me as worthy to receive a scholarship!”

Jairo Diaz


“It amazes me how many donors show their appreciation to Southwestern Adventist University by establishing a scholarship to help students further their education and to obtain the same knowledge, faith, and heart for service that they received at Southwestern Adventist University. I hope that the same knowledge, faith, and heart for service is being built into me so that I may also impact the world.”

Twinkle Eapen


“I am so grateful for the scholarships I have been awarded. As someone whose family migrated to the United States just three years ago, these scholarships have played a significant role in helping me financially. Thank you once again for making my dreams of studying at SWAU a reality.”

Kyle Barrow


“Thank you so very much for this donation to my school funds. I am blessed and thankful for an education at Southwestern Adventist University, but it is not easy to pay for college tuition. I feel extremely blessed, humbled, and grateful to receive this scholarship. It will take off much of the stress of finding funds for tuition so I can better focus on my courses and bringing others closer to Christ. May God continue to bless you.”


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