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Stories of Scholarships: Read the inspiring stories behind Southwestern Adventist University's more than 120 endowed scholarships.

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Alma Saylor Sandefur

The Alma Saylor Sandefur Scholarship

Barroso-Rudisaile-Mitzelfelt Family

Barroso-Rudisaile-Mitzelfelt Endowed Fund

Brandon Michael Williams

The Brandon Michael Williams Scholarship

Education Academic Advising

Bruce Prindle Scholarship

A female student sits in a chair as she complete asignments on her laptop, and another student sits on the arm of the chair as she opens up her notes

The Carol Sample and Ben R. Condray Scholarship

The Cree & Mildred Sandefur Scholarship

Denzil and Lola Truitt posing with big smiles

The Denzil & Lola Truitt Memorial Scholarship

Dudley and Reta Kent Tomblinson

The Dudley & Reta Kent Tomblinson Scholarship

Durrant-Pintrich Pioneers Endowment

Durrant-Pinterich Pioneers of Nursing Education Endowment

E. Frank & Joy Hargrove Sherrill

The E. Frank & Joy Hargrove Sherrill Scholarship

Students, dressed in dresses and button-ups,  gather in the sanctuary stand to sing praise songs

The Elevate Leadership Scholarship

A female with short hair and glasses, smiles as she stands next to her husband

The Ernest & Vera Wolfe Scholarship

The Eugene Sorensen Scholarship

The Gianmarco Vergel Scholarship

Eugene V. Thomsen

The Grace E. and Eugene V. Thomsen Memorial Honors Scholarship

Harold L. Wright

The Harold L. Wright Scholarship

The Herbert & Irene Roth Scholarship

The Herman & Birdie Walker Scholarship

LeAnn Marie Santiago

The LeAnn Marie Santiago Scholarship Fund

The Marc Simpson Memorial Scholarship

Odyssey Harbor Fund

Harlan and Jean Wilson

The P. Harlan & Jean Wilson Scholarship

Paul & Dorothea Wilson

The Paul L. & Dorothea A. Wilson Scholarship

The Perfil & Pauline Zapara Scholarship

The School of the Prophets Scholarship

The Sheree Parris Nudd Communication Scholarship

The Shirley Pinterich Scholarship

The Sicher Family Scholarship

The Southwestern Union Scholarship

The Spells Family Scholarship

The Student Association President's Scholarship for Leadership

The Alvin C. Heinrich Scholarship

The Vallettas pose holding up a frame with Joel Wallace, Ana Patterson, and Tony Reyes standing behind them with the Columbian and American flags behind them.

The Aurora Hispanic Leadership Endowed Scholarship

The Board of Trustees Scholarship

The Cecil & Mary Ellen Hopps Scholarship

Charles Popejoy

The Charles Popejoy Memorial Scholarship

The Clarence W. Dortch Scholarship

Logo that says "Class of '93" with a small graduation cap hanging over the three

The Class of '93 Senior Scholarship

The Claude Hughes Student Help Scholarship

The Cyril & Marian Miller Scholarship Funds

The Dale Heinrich Music Scholarship

Daniel & Ruth McAdams

The Daniel & Ruth McAdams Scholarship

The Dino Dig Field Research Scholarship

The Douglas Mehling Endowed Scholarship

Dr. F.E.J. & Marjorie Harder

The Dr. F.E.J. & Marjorie Harder Scholarship

The Dr. Ken & Ann Shaw Presidential Scholarship

The Ed & Janelle Reifsnyder Scholarship

Edward and Sylvia Brickman

The Edward & Sylvia Brickman Scholarship

The Edwards-Wiest Scholarship

The El and Jean Armour Scholarship

The Elder George E. & Pearl Leffler Scholarship

The Eli Fund

The Entrepreneurship Award

The Florence Lemke Nursing Scholarship

The Frances Draper Brennan Scholarship

The Frances I. Clark Scholarship

The Frank H. Abel Scholarship

The Fred B. & Blanche Gilbert Moore Scholarship

The George E. Leffler Theology Scholarship

George King holding his baby daughter, standing next to his wife and behind his two other daughters all with big smiles.

The George King Canvasing Scholarship

George Mathews

The George Mathews Scholarship

Standing in a baptismal pool, a pastor, dressed in a black t-shirt, prays as he puts his arm over a student, who has just been baptized

The George P. & Mary A. Winn Scholarship

The Irene Black Scholarship

The Isaac Baker Scholarship

The Ishak Hanna Kafrouni Memorial Scholarship

James "Jim" K. Hopps

The James K. Hopps Scholarship

The Jason Mickley Scholarship

The Jimmie C. Culpepper Scholarship

The John & Joan Curnow Student Missionary Scholarship

The John & Remy R. Cabansag Scholarship

The Joseph & Dina Espinosa Scholarship

The Judson N. Durrant Memorial Music Scholarship

Dr. Karl Konrad explaining something to a student in the Southwestern Adventist University chemistry lab

The Dr. Karl Konrad Chemistry Endowed Scholarship

Project management Business administration workshop and lecture SWAU

The Lessie Culpepper Hagen Scholarship

The Mardian J. Blair Scholarship

The Marvin & Dee Anderson Scholarship

Samson Sembeba and Natali

The More-than-a-degree Endowed Scholarship

The Nathan L. Beebe Scholarship

The Norma P. Bartolome Scholarship

The Orville Lee & Laura Judge Hayes Scholarship

The Peggy A. Norris Memorial Scholarship

Raleigh & Edith Burchfield

The Raleigh & Edith Burchfield Scholarship

A professor, dressed in a white button up and yellow bowtie, looks towards a screen with a clicker in his hand

The Raymon & Zora Jean McMullen Scholarship

The Sadie Goodwin-Richardson Scholarship

Alumni smile as they look through past yearbooks and reminisce

The Southwestern Adventist University Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship

T.A. "Jack" Casey

The T.A. Jack Casey Scholarship

The Thelma Beem Scholarship

The Trixie Pearl Scholarship

The V.L. & Alga Roberts Scholarship

Victor Baca Scholarship

The Victor Baca Scholarship

The Victorine Zaidan Kafrouni Scholarship

Villa Gillis Sierk

The Villa Gillis Sierk Scholarship

Wallen Knight Family

The Wallen Knight Scholarship

The Weis Heritage Scholarship

The Wes Stoops Scholarship

The William V. Wiist Scholarship

Female nursing student in a mask working near the feet of a mannequin

The Wisdom Nursing Scholarship