Meaningful Friendships – Hannah St. Nino

Meaningful Friendships – Hannah St. Nino

Hannah St. Nino & Remington Hill

Hannah St. Nino is a senior Medical Laboratory Science major at Southwestern Adventist University. Hannah has taken some time to give us a glance at life here at the University and shares how individuals on the campus has impacted her experience as a Human of SWAU. 

Roommates are a blessing. Some people are fortunate to have the same roommate for the duration of their time at Southwestern Adventist University. I, however, have been blessed in a different way. 


Over the course of four years here, I’ve lived with five different roommates, each with her own pursuit and unique personality. I’ve come to realize that roommates are more than simply someone you share a room with; when my roommates and I are close, they come to be somewhat of a sibling away from home. They see me at my worst, my craziest, my laziest, and busiest times. They laugh with me, joke with me, cry with me, chastise me, and reason with me. And through it all, they support me, sometimes in little “Have-a-great-day!” sticky-note ways, and sometimes in big, “I-put-off-studying-to-watch-you-perform” ways. 


For some students who have never had a roommate, coming to a University can be difficult. You have to adapt, learn, and compromise with a person you might have never met before. These changes you have to make might be a sacrifice, but for me, not only do those sacrifices grow the relationship between myself and my roommate, but it also helps me to grow as a person. The smallest things can end up making the biggest difference. I strive to make a difference in each of my roommates’ lives, knowing that I could be one reason they smiled that day. 


Each trial has been worth the reward of the long-lasting relationships I have made over the course of my college experience. To my roommates, and to all the other roommates out there: Keep being awesome! You’re making a difference in someone’s life, whether you know it or not. To anyone considering living at the dorms of Southwestern Adventist University, I say do it – and be that great roommate for someone else! You might just end up being part of the greatest and most unforgettable memories someone else looks back on.

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