My Family, My Home

My Family, My Home

Tanya Soria & Giselle Lopez

Tanya Soria graduated from Southwestern Adventist University in 2018 with a degree in communication. She now lives in California where she works in a television studio.

I have been interested in media and art since the first time I picked up my mom’s old digital camera. So when the time came to seek colleges to continue my education, I sought a place where I could feel at home and create art through my work. I chose Southwestern Adventist University for the warmness and home-like feeling I received the moment I first stepped on campus. That feeling never left throughout my four years at this University.

    My first year in college was a time for me to really figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I had picked a major that I liked, but was not fully convinced was the right fit for me. After lots of prayer, I began speaking to the professors in the Department of Communication. Professor Agee was very helpful and answered all my questions and concerns; he was overjoyed when I signed the papers to officially become a communication major. 

    Throughout my years as a communication major, I met the people that would become family to me. With time, I became very close with my classmates and professors. Being in class, our “First Friday” gatherings, and working in the Department of Marketing & PR for most of my college career led me to meet those friends that truly helped me survive college. The friends that I made remain very dear to me to this day. If it were not for the Department of Communication, I would have never attempted to be involved in the Student Association.
    I had the pleasure of being in student government for three of my four years in college. I began as a member of Student Senate and later ran for Student Association leadership. During my senior year, I served the student body as Student Association Public Relations Director where I had the honor of working with the best team I could ever ask for. I had the opportunity to use my skills for the university and give back everything SWAU had given me over the years. 

    After graduation, I moved to Southern California to pursue my career in visual media. I currently work in the production department at a television studio, where my duties vary between managing a set during a live broadcast to experiencing the adrenaline of a hectic control room. 
    My leadership roles at Southwestern prepared me to be a team player during stressful situations and a team leader at the moments when action must be taken. I continue to be motivated in my profession by always looking for ways to grow and how to use my knowledge and talent to demonstrate God’s presence through the stories of others as my peers and mentors at SWAU always encouraged. I can confidently say that the opportunities and experiences that Southwestern Adventist University offered prepared me for my current position and paved the way for me to grow in my chosen field.