A Story of Growth – Yuiza Miller

A Story of Growth – Yuiza Miller

Yuiza Miller & Remington Hill

Yuiza Miller is a senior theology major at Southwestern Adventist University. She shares a snapshot of how being a Human of SWAU has stretched her in a positive way. 


Before I came to Southwestern Adventist University, I considered myself an introvert. I spent most of my days studying and enjoying time to myself. Even though I am content on the introverted spectrum, I always felt like there was something missing. When I came to Southwestern Adventist University, I found the deep meaningful connections I had been searching for. Being here on this campus made me open up to others and grew me socially and spiritually.


One instance I distinctly remember is from my first year at Southwestern Adventist University. Living in Keene most of my life, everyone expected me to know people at the University, but to their surprise, I was surrounded by crowds of people whom I had never met before. I wanted to be involved in our campus activities to get to know those around me, so I decided to attend the annual mud volleyball game on campus. Despite my introverted side, I took the opportunity to reach out and talk to fellow classmates. I was bombarded with big smiles and encouraging “hellos!” The rest of the evening was full of fun, laughter, and getting soaked in mud. This was my first encounter with those that attended Southwestern Adventist University, and after that night, I knew that this was where I belonged. I will take any opportunity to get together with the friends I have made here on campus, even if that means getting a little dirty and stretching my comfort zone. 


Two years have passed; I have met so many different types of people and have made so many new friends. Being a part of the Department of Theology has broadened my spiritual life and taught me how to serve others by teaching them about the love of God and how it changes lives. At first, the transition to college was difficult, but I was welcomed with open arms by faculty and friends. Coming to Southwestern Adventist University has made me a better person and I thank God every day that I have the opportunity to study here.

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