SWAU Introduces SPIN Bike Service

SWAU Introduces SPIN Bike Service


Student Services at Southwestern Adventist University is partnering with Spin to provide bicycles for rent to the campus. Spin’s solar-powered, GPS-enabled, self-locking smart bikes have been distributed across campus to provide an innovative mode of transportation for students and faculty. Unlike traditional bikeshare systems, Spin’s dockless bikes do not require bulky, fixed racks, can be parked anywhere, and won’t cost the school a penny. The bikes are unlocked and paid for via an app. 

“It is always fulfilling for me when we can answer students’ requests," says James The, Vice President for Student Services. "This is also a benefit to students as it provides another form of exercise, in keeping with our campus goals to improve overall health and wellness.” 

“The bikes on campus are an amazing idea! They’re so much fun when you have extra time to hang out with friends," says Melissa Anderson, senior psychology major. "It’s a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle and spending more time outdoors. I love them!” 

Inspired by the innovation in China, founders of Spin has been introducing the technology and working with local governments (starting in Seattle, South San Francisco and Dallas) nation-wide to help them develop policies/permits for the technology and use the data gathered to help build better transportation infrastructure. This is the second school Spin has chosen for this partnership. One of Spin’s goals is to bring an affordable and equitable mode of transportation for students. To learn more visit https://spin.pm.

"I was one of the first students to ride the bikes when they were made available on campus and I think they're really fun and very convenient," says Cecilia Caraza, senior education major. "If you wake up late one day you can just grab one of the bikes and make it to class faster than you would've walking. And they're only 50 cents!" 


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