SWAU Prepared Me for the Work Force | Danae White Gilliam

SWAU Prepared Me for the Work Force | Danae White Gilliam

Danae White Gilliam

My years at Southwestern Adventist University are filled with happy memories of swim races in the pool outside Harmon Hall, attending vespers, playing basketball and volleyball, and even standing on my chair in front of the entire cafeteria to sing “I’m a little teapot” as loudly as I could. Most importantly, my time at Southwestern was spent shaping my character as a follower of Jesus Christ. Pastor Kilgore’s class “History of the SDA” church encouraged me to fall in love with my Savior and instilled in me a pride for our church’s founding fathers. While working at the front desk of the men’s dorm for Dean The, I learned valuable lessons like hard work, discipline, and that boys will do anything to get your attention. It was at this same front desk that I met my husband, Damon, and together we stepped forward in faith as we began our new lives together. 

My time at Southwestern also prepared me for the work force. In fact, I’ve worked in human resources at Sewell Automotive Companies for ten years and it was through a campus counselor that I even heard of the job in the first place. My business degree also gave me the necessary academics to go on to earning my MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington. Today, Damon and I live in Grand Prairie with our son and daughter. I passionately believe that Adventist education is one of the most important decisions that a parent can make. SWAU changed my life for the better and taught me the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s because of the spiritual foundation that I received at Southwestern that I am the person I am today. 


Pictured with family and exchange student, Doris, who accepted Jesus Christ since living with us.  

Danae White Gilliam, BBA, 2004