Team Means Family – Raul Licea

Team Means Family – Raul Licea

Raul Licea & Remington Hill

Raul Licea is a junior Business major at Southwestern Adventist University. He has been involved as a University athlete since his freshman year. Raul shares how being a Knight has impacted his experience as a Human of SWAU. 

Sports, especially soccer, has always been a big part of my life. When I came to Southwestern Adventist University, I received the opportunity to be part of the University’s athletic team, I have enjoyed every moment since. This year I am honored to be one of the soccer team captains, and being able to lead a team of guys who share the same passion as I do is so fulfilling. Our soccer team has not only given me the opportunity to make long-lasting friendships, but it has also grown me as an individual. 

I am a part of more than just a team, because regardless of winning or losing, we are a family and we are in it together. Over the past few years, I have enjoyed playing as a striker for our soccer team. At the start of this year, I had no idea what was in store for me. During one of our first games for the season, I broke my leg. I knew that I was automatically done for the season, and even feared that my athletic career was over. It was hard to watch the rest of the season continue without being able to play, but during this time, I realized just how much of a family my team really was. Each team member and coach was extremely supportive during my recovery, always lending out a helping hand and doing anything extra to make sure I felt their support on and off the field. I am grateful for each of them. 


While being a part of the soccer team helps me grow physically, it also stretches me mentally and spiritually. My coaches always go the extra mile to make sure we take care of ourselves and they are always pushing us to become better athletes and better people. As leaders of our tight-knit team, they encourage all of us to make sure we are focused on our spiritual life along with our academic responsibilities. 


Having a family like this is something that has made a great impact in my life. The emphasis of comradery and the spiritual focus on our campus makes being a Knight incomparable. I encourage others to step out and become an athlete at Southwestern Adventist University. 

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