What it means to Be a Knight: SWAUonline

What it means to Be a Knight: SWAUonline

Kaitlyn Briones

For Kari Lively, a SWAUonline student with plans to obtain her BS in Nursing, Southwestern Adventist University’s (SWAU) online program gave her a unique perspective on what it means to “Be A Knight.” 

SWAU provides a Christ-centered education that inspires knowledge, faith, and service on campus and online. For Lively, SWAU’s online program has helped her gain confidence in her-self not only at school and in academic settings, but at home and in her community as well. 

What does it mean to Be a Knight?
To me, it means learning and being confident in who I am while I am learning and balancing school and everyday life.

What are three words that describe you as a Knight and why?
Compassionate, loyal, and joyful. 
I think compassion is just something that goes along with being a nurse. Loyalty is a sense of who I feel I am and have been, and joyful because I love Jesus.

What led you to pursue your RN to BS in Nursing?
I started in 2017, but then my mother got sick, so my nursing education got pushed to the back burner. I was a single mom working full-time, so I had a bunch of other stuff to deal with. Soon, I was ready to switch positions which required more from my degree. I was driving by one day when I saw the electronic sign out front advertising for online classes, so I decided to look into it and decided it would be perfect for me.

Why did you select SWAU for your RN to BS in Nursing Program?
I knew I wanted to go back to school so I could finish with my BS. When I found out about SWAUonline, I looked into it more, and it was perfect. I was able to afford it, and the program allowed me to have the flexibility I needed while juggling being a wife, mom, full-time em-ployee, and student.

What is the learning experience like at SWAUonline, and why does it appeal to you?
The learning experience has been great, and the faculty and staff have been incredibly helpful. I was nervous going back to school, since I had been out for quite some time now, but everyone has been so kind and understanding with not only homework, but life at home.

What does a day in your life look like being a full-time wife, mom, and student?
I go to work early in the morning, normally at 7 am, and get off at 2 pm, then I come home, and I see what classes and homework I have to do. I spend the rest of the afternoon doing that until my husband comes home from work around 5 pm. After homework, I figure out dinner— whether that’s cooking something up or going out. We eat and we will watch tv, ride our bikes or go to a Bible study together. Then I get ready for bed and do it all over again the next day.

How has SWAU changed your relationship with Christ, even as an online student?
I’ve had the opportunity to read Ellen G. White writings as part of our curriculum for Dr. Camp-bell’s classes. Currently in my classes, we are studying the Ministry of Healing which has made me feel like I’ve been drawn closer to Jesus and His hands and feet. My professors, Dr. Gibson and Mrs. Mayfield, have also been amazing. My mother was sick and recently passed away, and both of these individuals exhibited grace and continue to check on me.

What are your goals for the future, and how has SWAU helped you prepare for them?
I want to stay in the position I am currently holding with Texas Health Huguley Hospital, work-ing in endoscopy. My hospital requires a BSN (Bachelor of Nursing), so completing the online program will allow me to advance where I am.

What would you say to someone who is interested in the SWAUonline program?
Just do it and start. It’s a good, solid program; it may take a bit to learn and get used to, but it’s doable. It’s a good atmosphere, and the teachers cater to each individual student, while truly wanting to help us succeed. 

Being a Knight has helped Kari Lively succeed in every aspect of her life. Being a full-time wife, mom, and student has given her a new outlook. She enjoys being able to succeed in knowledge, faith, and service, knowing SWAU is there for her. Learn more about SWAU’s online program. at https://www.swau.edu/online

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