What's the Write Spot?

What's the Write Spot?

Julena Allen, communication major

Studying for classes and getting assignments in on time can be a bit stressing for either an incoming freshmen or an exiting senior. It can become quite depressing for anyone to find out that their paper isn’t up to their professor’s standards or that their paper isn’t grammatically correct for a college-level paper. The Write Spot, a haven for students who want to perfect their papers, opens again this semester for the 10th year of helping students.

Southwestern, foreseeing this problem and wanting to help their students reach the pinnacle of success in their college experience and after, has pulled together a team of professors and trained student professionals to help students get that desired grade on their papers.

“The Write Spot was created by Dr. Susan Gardner in 2008 out of a felt need across the campus for more concern about writing throughout all the disciplines,” says Dr. Renard Doneskey, professor of English and director of The Write Spot. “Before we had the Write Spot, students had no real source of tutoring for their writing but now with the development of Write Spot, hundreds of students have been helped over the span of nine or ten years. It has become a part of campus life.” Teachers encourage and often require their students to visit because they know that their students’ writing will benefit greatly from it.

One doesn’t have to be an English major to be concerned about the quality of his or her writing. Any person and any paper is welcome to make a visit with the professionals. Student tutors are required to go through extensive training before they are assigned to help other students, and as a result are more equipped to help any student looking for help with their assignments. They are required to take a specific class, ENGL 342 Composition, which teaches tutors everything they need to know from the proper use of MLA, APA, or Chicago manuals of style, to correcting basic grammatical errors. Tutors are trained in all the areas of the writing process from prewriting to revising so they know everything they will need to assist others with their assignments.

The Write Spot wasn’t intended just for students who struggle with writing a paper. If one just wants to check to see if their paper has any grammatical errors that would hurt their grade, they are invited also.

“It is a blessing for students to get a second opinion on something they have written,” Kylie Kurth, a student tutor for the Write Spot says. “The Write Spot isn’t for students who can’t write, it’s for students who are serious about their writing. I love working at the Write Spot because I find so much joy in encouraging other students.”

This haven includes all who want to better their writing and secure better grades during their academic career and it’s a plus that the tutors are pleasant and love to help the students reach a new potential in their writing journey.

Located in the Library Classroom in the back of the main floor of the library, the Write Spot was designed as a tool that students could use to get the most out of their education and propel them forward on their march to success.  This is a spectacular opportunity and students are encouraged to make time in their busy schedule to make this place their second home.