SWAUEnglish Play

English Department Plays

Practice the art of storytelling through live acting. 

Socially Distant Shakespeare

student acting in a play

"The Importance of Being Earnest"

This romantic comedy was set in England during the Victorian era and told the story of two men living double lives. Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff, two London aristocrats, disguised themselves as different people when they traveled between the city and the country. As the story unfolded, audiences were entertained by the play’s witty humor and the satirical jabs it took at Victorian-era ideas of love and marriage. 

"The Comedy of Errors"

Three women, stand in front of their play background, and look at each other as the speak


Moliere’s masterwork, "Tartuffe," created a stir when it was first performed in France. It has remained popular, and controversial, ever since. Audiences love the story of a family beset by problems, brought about because the head of the house, Orgon, has fallen under the spell of a charlatan and hypocrite, Tartuffe, who poses as a religious man but shows himself to be greedy and lascivious. With fantastic costumes, a gorgeous set, and wonderful acting, Tartuffe was a huge hit and very well attended. It also made audiences ponder how reason relates to passion and how authoritarianism must be tempered with thoughtfulness. 

One woman, dressed in a 1660s dress, sits as a male behind her yells at another woman in front of him

"She Stoops to Conquer"

Three actors stand in front of a drawn fire place as they stand in their costumes

Jane Austen's "Emma"

Two students stand, arms intertwined, and bow as they finish up their play